Founded in the 1957, Poughkeepsie Sports Car Club, Inc. has served the needs of amateur
motorsports enthusiasts in the Hudson Valley of New York State for the past 50 years. We are a
member of the Hudson Valley Council of Sports Car Clubs (HVCSCC), and more recently became a
chapter of New York Region, SCCA. We host numerous Solo (Autocross) events throughout the year,
have a Rallycross program, and also organize Road Rally events from time to time. In addition, we have
several social events each year, including “The Panic” (awards banquet), Christmas Party, a barbecue
or picnic, gatherings at members’ houses, etc. Membership is open to anyone who wishes to join us in
our pursuit of providing the best and safest amateur motorsports events possible while having fun, and
we gladly welcome non-members at all of our events. Information on joining the club can be found on
the Membership Info page, or you can just come out to any club event or meeting and join on the spot.
You do not have to be a PSCC member to participate at any of our events, but either annual or
weekend SCCA membership is required to participate at any of our driving events. (Weekend SCCA
memberships can be purchased at all events for $20, and the receipt can be used within 60 days as a
$15 coupon towards the purchase an annual SCCA membership.)

Monthly Meeting Schedule
PSCC holds general meetings on the second Monday of every month (except December) at K1 Speed,
located inside the Poughkeepsie Galleria Mall. Meetings start at 7:30 PM. Feel free to show up early
and join us for some tire kicking and socializing before the meeting. Currently at the Beacon Elks Lodge
ARTICLE I.  Name, Purpose, Emblem and Corporate Seal

      Section I.  Name
              The name of the Club shall be the Poughkeepsie Sports Car Club, Inc.

      Section II.  Purpose
              The general purpose of the Club shall be to encourage the preservation,
              ownership, and operation of sports cars; to act as a source of technical
              information, to establish rules and regulations covering all activities
              of the Club, to provide and regulate events and exhibitions for sports
              cars and their owners, to encourage careful and skillful driving on public
              highways and to own real and personal property as incidental to the foregoing
              purposes, provided that no part of the net earnings of this corporation
              shall inure to the benefit of any individual and no substantial part of
              its activities shall be that of carrying on propaganda or otherwise
              attempting to influence legislation and it shall not participate in or intervene
              in any political campaign on behalf of any candidate for public office.

      Section III.  Emblem
              The Club emblem shall be a blue and white checkered shield with a
              steering wheel superimposed and the words "Poughkeepsie Sports Car Club" around
              the steering wheel.

      Section IV.  Corporate Seal
              The corporate seal shall be the Club emblem with New York written
              across the center.

ARTICLE II.  Membership and Dues

   Section I.  Members

    (A) Membership in the Club shall be restricted to persons interested in
        motor sport and the purposes of this Club.  A prospective member shall
        be proposed by two members in good standing, and shall have attended at
        least two business meetings of the Club, barring employment obligations, and
        have participated in at least two sports car events sponsored by the Club
        before being admitted to membership.  Membership in the Club shall be a
        privilege, and is subject to termination at any time as provided in Sec. III ART.  II.

    (B) Membership privileges will include the right to purchase and
        display the Club badge.  Members will be entitled to a reduced entry fee at all
        events under the sole sponsorship of PSCC.  Membership privileges will also
        include one vote in all matters transacted at a regular business meeting that
        the member attends or to which he sends a written proxy.

   Section II.  Resignation

    (A) Any member may resign by directing a letter of resignation to the
        Secretary.  His resignation shall be effective upon receipt, provided
        all indebtedness to the Club is paid.

    (B) Prior to PSCC acceptance of a membership application, a prospective
        member who has paid the initiation fee may withdraw his application, in
        writing, and receive a full refund of the $5.00 initiation fee.

   Section III.  Expulsion

    (A) Membership will lapse automatically for failure to pay dues by the
        second meeting of the fiscal year unless due cause for the lateness is

    (B) Any member may be suspended for cause by the unanimous vote of the
        officers of PSCC.

   Section IV.  Dues

    Dues shall be $5.00 per fiscal year for a single membership.  They
    shall be $7.50 per year for a joint membership.

   Section V.  Initiation

    (A) Prospective members must pay a $5.00 initiation fee when submitting
        a membership application.  Upon completion of the requirements for
        membership and the acceptance of the application, an additional $5.00 must be
        paid, which entitles the applicant to full membership privileges for the
        balance of the calendar year.

    (B) A husband and wife joining the Club as a unit will pay the $5.00
        initiation fee as in Sec. V (A), and must pay $7.50 dues in order to
        receive membership privileges which will include full voting rights for each.

    (C) If the prospective member joins the Club in the calendar months of
        November or December, his dues will be paid for the next calendar year.

   Section VI.  Former Members

    Former members will not be considered as new members and will not have
    to pay an initiation fee in order to reinstate a membership that has been
    allowed to lapse.  There will, however, be a penalty of $2.00 per year
    or part thereof assessed for each year that the former member has been
    missing from the membership rolls.  This penalty will not exceed $5.00.

   Section VII.  Life Membership

    The position of life member is established.  This membership is
    conferred by the unanimous approval of the Board of Directors in secret proceedings
    for long and exceptional service to the Club.  Life members have all
    membership privileges without any obligations.

ARTICLE III.  Meetings of the Members

   Section I.  Meetings

    Meetings shall be held on the second Monday of each month.

   Section II.  Special Meetings

    In addition to monthly meetings, a special meeting of the members may
    be called by the President or by a majority of the Officers.

   Section III.  Notice of Meetings

    A written or printed notice, stating the place, day, hour and purpose
    of any special meeting of the members, shall be sent by the Secretary, not
    less than seven (7) days before such meeting to each member by mailing a
    postcard to the address appearing on the Secretary's roll of members.

   Section IV.  Quorum

    At all meetings of the members, a quorum shall be considered present
    when more than 50% of the Officers and more than 50% of the Secretary's roll
    of members, including Officers, are in attendance.

   Section V.  Majority Vote

    All action, except amendment of the Constitution and By-laws shall be
    by majority of those present and voting.  Except as hereinafter provided,
    voting by proxy or mail ballot shall not be allowed except with the
    approval of the majority of the Officers in accordance with the rules they
    proscribe and with notice to all members.

   Section VI.  Rules of Order

    The rules of order at all meetings of the Club shall be Roberts Rules
    Order except as hereinafter provided.

ARTICLE IV.  Officers

   Section I.  Number of Officers

    The elected Officers of the Club shall be a President, Vice President,
    Secretary, Treasurer, and four (4) Activities Committee members.  No
    individual shall hold more than one office at one time, except as
    provided for or hereinafter.  They shall serve for one year, or until their
    successors are elected and qualified.

   Section II.  Board of Directors

    The Board of Directors shall consist of the Officers as set forth in
    SEC. I., plus the last holder of the office of President.

   Section III.  Nominations and Elections

    Any member of the Club may nominate a candidate for office.  Such a
    nomination must be made in writing, signed by the member making the
    nomination, and delivered to the Secretary by December 1st.  Elections
    shall be held by secret ballot at the December meeting.

ARTICLE V.  Duties of the Elected Officers

   Section I.  Duties of the President

    The President shall preside at all meetings of the members and officers
    and shall perform the duties usually appertaining to this office.  He may
    call special meetings of the members under the provisions of SEC. II. ART.
    III.  He shall be the Chief Executive Officer of the Club.

    The President shall appoint a Parliamentarian to aid him in his duties
    as presiding office to answer questions and provide rulings on points of
    order at the meetings of the membership and shall perform the duties
    appertaining to this office.  The office of Parliamentarian shall not be an officer
    of the Club.

   Section II.  Duties of the Vice President

    In the absence of the President, the duties of the Office of the
    President shall be performed by the Vice President.

    In the case of the death, resignation, or inability to act of the
    President, the duties of the Office of the President shall be performed by the
    Vice President.  In such event the Vice President shall call for the
    election of a new President at the first monthly meeting consistent with allowing
    time to receive nominations.

    If there is a vacancy in the office (of Vice President), the President
    shall designate some person to fill the unexpired term, subject to the
    approval of a majority of the Officers.

    The Vice President shall be Chairman of the Activities Committee.

   Section III.  Duties of the Secretary

    The Secretary shall attend all meetings of the members and Officers and
    shall record all minutes and votes in a book kept for the purpose.  He
    shall keep an up-to-date roll of all Club members.  He shall give all notices
    of meetings of the members required by law or these By-laws and shall
    perform all duties incidental to his office, required by the law or by the
    majority of all Officers.  The Secretary may, with the approval of a majority of
    the Officers, appoint an Assistant Secretary and delegate to him such
    functions and powers of the office of Secretary as he may decide.

    In the absence of the Secretary from any meetings, a Secretary
    pro-temporo shall be chosen by the presiding Officer.  If there is a vacancy in the
    Office, the President shall designate some person to fill the unexpired
    term, subject to the approval of a majority of the Officers.

   Section IV.  Duties of the Treasurer

    The Treasurer shall, subject to such conditions and restrictions as may
    made by the Officers, have custody of all monies, debts, and obligations
    belonging to the Club.

    He shall receive all monies of the Club and deposit same to the Club
    Account.  He shall have direct control over, and supervision of all
    payment of Club debts and obligations.  He shall give a report of the financial
    status of the Club at the December meeting, and if so required, at any
    meeting of the Officers.  He shall, if requested by the Officers,
    submit his books and records to an auditing committee composed of individuals or
    accountants selected by the Officers.

    All disbursements of Club funds shall be approved by majority of the
    Club's Directors, the President to vote only in case of a tie.

    If there is a vacancy in the office, the President shall designate some
    person to fill the unexpired term, subject to the approval of a
    majority of the Officers.

   Section V.  Duties of the Activities Committee

    The Club shall elect an Activities Committee consisting of four
    members.  The Vice President shall act as chairman.  With the approval of the
    President, the Committee may appoint such assistants as it deems
    necessary for administration of the Committee's duties.

    It shall be the duty of the Activities Committee to arrange all
    activities for the year.  The Committee shall establish rules for the
    classification of cars competing in Club events, and shall establish entrant fees for
    such events to defray the costs involved therein.  The Committee shall
    arrange prizes and awards in a manner to provide fair treatment for all

   Section VI.

    At the December meeting of the general membership, each incumbent
    Officer shall present a report on his official activities for the year.  A
    written copy of these reports shall be submitted by said Officers to be entered
    into the club records.

ARTICLE VI.  Committees

   Section I.  Appointment of Committees

    The President shall appoint such Committees as he finds desirable, and
    shall outline the duties and responsibilities of such Committees.  All
    reports or action taken by a Committee must be approved by a majority of the
    entire Committee.

ARTICLE VII.  Fiscal Year

   Section I.  The Fiscal Year of the Club shall be the calendar year.

ARTICLE VIII.  Liability and Indemnification

   Section I.  Personal Liability

    All persons or corporations extending credit to, contracting with, or
    having any claim against the corporation of the Officers or any member, shall
    look only to the funds and property of the corporation for payment of any
    such contract of claim, or for the payment of any debt, damage, judgment, or
    decree, or any other money that may otherwise become due or payable to
    them from the corporation of the Officers, or any member so that neither the
    Officers, or the members of the corporation, present or future, shall
    be personally liable therefore.

   Section II.  Indemnification

    Each Director, Officer and other appointed or elected person of the
    Club now or hereafter in office, and his heirs, executors and administrators,
    and each Director, Officer and other appointed or elected persons of this
    Club, and his heirs, executors and administrators who now act, or shall
    hereafter act at the request of this Club, as Director, Officer and other
    appointed or elected person of this Club, controlled by this Club, shall be
    indemnified by this Club against all costs, expenses, and amounts or liability
    therefore, including counsel fees, reasonably incurred by or imposed
    upon him in connection with or resulting from any action, suit, proceeding,
    or claim to which he may be made a party, or in which he may be or become
    involved by reason of his acts of commission or omission, or alleged
    acts of commission as such Director, Officer and other appointed or elected
    person of this Club, at the time of incurring such costs, expenses or amounts,
    and whether or not the action or omission of act on the part of such
    Director, Officer and other appointed or elected person of this Club, which is
    the basis of such suit, action, proceeding or claim, occurred before or
    after the adoption of this By-law, provided that such indemnification shall
    not apply with respect to any matter as to which such Director, Officer,
    and other appointed or elected person of this Club shall be finally
    adjudged in such action, suit or proceeding to have been individually guilty of
    willful misfeasance or malfeasance in the performance of his duties as such
    Director, Officer and other appointed or elected person of this Club,
    and provided, further, that the indemnification herein provided shall with
    respect to any settlement of any such suit, action, proceeding or
    claim, include reimbursement of any amounts paid and expenses reasonably
    incurred in settling any such suit, action, proceeding, claim, when in the
    judgement of the Officers of this Club, such settlement and reimbursement appear
    to be for the best interest of the Club.

    The foregoing right of indemnification shall be in addition to and not
    exclusive of any and all other rights as to which any such Director,
    Officer and other appointed or elected person of this Club may be entitled
    under By-law agreement, vote of members or otherwise.

   Section III.  Assessment and Liabilities of Members

    No member of this Club shall be obligated of required to pay any
    financial remuneration to the Club whatsoever other than the amounts imposed by
    these By-laws for initiation fees and dues.  No member of the Club shall be
    assessed for over said amount except upon personal obligation to the
    Club as provided in these By-laws.

ARTICLE IX.  Amendment of By-laws

   Section I.

    Any member in good standing, by written petition submitted to the
    Secretary, may propose an amendment to the By-laws.  The proposed amendment shall
    be read to the members at the regular monthly meeting when it is presented
    to the Secretary and shall be voted on at the next monthly meeting after
    another reading.  Revision must be approved by a 2/3 vote of a quorum.

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